Top tips from Premier Locksmiths… **Tuesday’s tip** This article in the Daily Mail reveals just important it is to have good home security. Check your locks. and contact me if you need any advice. KNIFE.html **Top tip** Keep locks and door mechanisms from sticking. Everyday use and accumulation of dirt can cause door locks to open harder and even freeze up. A simple solution is to carefully apply a spray lubricant directly to the lock. Make sure that you select high-quality lubricants for your locks which will hold onto the locks for a longer period of time. Other articles 4 good reasons why you should hire a locksmith instead of doing it yourself! When something goes wrong most people like to find a way to fix it themselves to save money. We all do it, we ‘Google’ it or go on ‘YouTube’ and then feel sufficiently confident to tackle the job ourselves. Read more… How to protect your home when you go away You’ve worked hard for what you have. Sadly, there are people out there that think they have a right to take it away from you.  Protect what you own and don’t give burglars an inch because they will take a mile. Read more… Innovations in home security Times have moved on from ‘Home Alone’ - you don’t need swinging paint cans or shattered baubles on the floor.  We have been checking out some innovations in home security and here are some ideas to help protect your home. Read more…   Most popular social media posts **Most popular post last week!** Wooden doors change shape slightly over time due to temperature and usage. If you have a wooden door that won’t open and shut easily, push the door closed and slide a piece of card from the top of the door downwards (not on the hinge side).  Where the card doesn’t slide well or stops completely, make a light pencil mark. Remove the door from the hinges and sand down the areas you have marked with a pencil. It might not need too much sanding so don’t go sanding mad. Hang the door again and see if that has helped to stop the door sticking. Any problems, give me a call: 07950645409. Regards, George. Follow us on Facebook!   **Tuesday’s tip** I-spy with my little eye! You can stream live footage of your home to your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. Keep track of your home wherever you are.…/p2291304 Follow us on Facebook! Stay up to date with all our news.     Come back and visit our blog again, we will be sharing lots of updates and expert advice. Do you have any questions? Give us a call on: 0800 183 0564

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