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Door Repairs

Premier Locksmiths can provide a fast and effective door repair service to all types of residential and commercial doors

UPVC doors and frames
We undertake repairs and refurbishments to UPVC doors and frames.

  • Replacement/repair to faulty mechanisms
  • Realignment of keeps
  • Overhauling and adjustment of doors
  • Replacement of handles and euro cylinders
  • Window hinges
  • Replacement of double glazed units

Wooden doors and frames
We offer both temporary and general repairs for all residential and commercial doors of wooden construction.

  • Sticking doors                            * Split frames/panels
  • Wind damage                             * Faulty keeps
  • Dry\wet rot to timber frames       * Faulty hinges
  • Broken glass panels                    * Temporary boarding-up service
  • After burglary intrusion

Aluminium doors and glass doors
We repair aluminium shop front style doors and fittings as follows:

  • Overhaul and adjustment of doors
  • Renewal of concealed overhead door closers
  • Floor springs to glass doors
  • Locking devices

If your door is beyond repair please see our door installation service or call us on 0800 183 0564.

External and internal door repairs

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