30 minutes with a locksmith

I was a sitting duck!!

Before Christmas, I decided it was time I took my home security more seriously.

Premier Locksmiths came to do a security assessment on my house, it took about 30 minutes, it was 30 minutes well spent and it was free!

I have a 3 bedroom end of terrace house in a cul-de-sac, I love it – it’s my family home.

After spending time with the locksmith, I saw my home in a completely different light – it was an eye-opening experience. I was very vulnerable.

There were issues around my home that I was aware of but I put it to the back of my mind to save money.

I’m so glad that I invited an expert into our home, this is what the locksmith found:

  • Loose front door handle – easily breakable
  • Door chain out of alignment – it didn’t work properly
  • If the front door isn’t locked, anyone can walk in and out of the house at any time
  • The back door had a dodgy handle and the door would stick so badly that I couldn’t open it sometimes
  • My conservatory door wasn’t hanging properly so it didn’t ever lock
  • The back gate was misaligned so the bolt didn’t work and there was no padlock
  • The back gate is low so someone could easily climb over it
  • My garden is surrounded by a brick wall that is next to a path and road. The wall is easily scalable
  • My key was always left in the side garage door – it was rusty!
  • My garage door is broken

The outcome from the 30 minute visit was the agreement that I actually was a sitting duck and my home wasn’t secure.

For the price of a meal and a night out with the girls, my house is a lot more secure. That 30 minutes with the locksmith could have potentially saved me from a break in.

These are the suggestions that were made to me and the jobs done. They might be something that you should consider too.

Suggestions made:

  • Put trellis above my gate to make it more difficult to climb over
  • Use a padlock on the side gate
  • Install outside security lighting that comes on if someone tries to climb over the wall
  • Install a security camera, they are a very affordable – see some examples here
  • Lock my side garage door and take the key out of the door!
  • Replace my garage door lock, they aren’t very expensive – take a look
  • Lock the bolt that is already installed on the garage door
  • Put door jammers on my conservatory doors – what do they look like?
  • Install a trigger alarm so if someone does break in through one of your doors or windows it will set off the alarm – find out more
  • Install a house alarm
  • Install a house alarm box on the outside of the house
  • Put door jammers on the front door

And the list goes on…

There is so much you can do to protect your home. I don’t feel the need for a panic room but that film with Jodie Foster was brilliant – it’s a must see!

The security jobs that were done around my house:

  • Realigned my conservatory door so I could shut it and lock it
  • Fixed my back door and installed door jammers
  • Installed a new lock barrel in my front door and fixed the handle
  • Realigned my door chain so it worked properly
  • Locked the garage at the front and side
  • Padlocked the side gate

The job was a job very well done!

We sometimes take things for granted like our families, homes and belongings. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to make your home more secure.

Katy – Bedfordshire.

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