Don’t let the bad outweigh the good

This month’s blog article is positive, helpful and insightful.

Crime is present in most areas, it always has been but now we are made more aware through social media platforms such as Facebook.

That’s a good thing, we can help each other by building crime awareness.

But don’t let the bad outweigh the good…

Building awareness is essential, however, we must not let the bad news that we share outweigh the good. We should be careful that we don’t prevent the good people moving to areas such as, Houghton Regis, Caddington and Dunstable by posting lots of negative comments on social media. We need to work together to keep the good people in these areas so the bad people don’t prevail.

How do we do that?

That’s open for discussion.

Houghton Regis, Caddington and Dunstable have been and still are taking a battering from crime but these places are full of history and goodwill.

Here is a little reminder…Houghton Regis

With a population of over 18,000 people, Houghton Regis is lucky in the fact that most of the community do care about each other. Whilst the town face some challenges, groups on social media are working together to help each other. The good still prevails. Houghton Regis is a town and civil parish in Bedfordshire. The parish is located within Central Bedfordshire, which includes the town of Houghton Regis and hamlets of Bidwell, Thorn, and Sewell.

Did you know…

In 1036 reference to Houghton Regis was entered into the Domesday Book under the name of ‘Houstone’ but between 1086 and 1353 different versions of the name were recorded.

Here’s a little bit more you should know about Houghton Regis:

•The name Houghton Regis was first used in 1353

•All Saints Parish Church next to Bedford Square was constructed in the 13th/14th century •Houghton Hall is listed as an ancient monument dating back to 1700. It was once surrounded by magnificent grounds and now part of the land is popular for dog walkers

•The Crown Inn on East Road was licenced as an alehouse in 1822

•The Tithe Farm Estate was built in the 1960s and that is where you find the shopping centre in Bedford Square

•In the 1970s the Parkside Estate was developed and housing has kept increasing since then

Helpful Houghton information…Houghton Regis town council have a very informative website. The site is provided by the town council to inform residents and visitors about events, news, businesses, community groups and activities in the town.

To keep your finger on the Houghton Regis pulse, take a look at the Houghton Regis town updates page: Are you interested in doing things in the town? What’s in the Houghton Regis diary?

Date for your diary…**Houghton Regis is inviting you to celebrate Christmas with them on the 27th November at 6pm. The Grove Theatre in Dunstable will be home for one night to the voices of the children from Houghton Regis schools – singing songs old and new!**Houghton Regis acknowledge good people…

Do you know anyone that should be nominated for one of the ‘Pride of Houghton’ awards? Let the council know.

Do what you can to help make sure the good outweighs the bad in Houghton Regis.


The village of Caddington has over 4000 residents.

It is evident that they care about their community and encourage support and new ideas. With the recent popular Facebook group ‘Caddington Rocks’ you can clearly see families are committed to encouraging fun and unity in and around the village.

Adults are prepared to group together and walk around their village keeping an eye on each other’s properties. They have encouraged people to join the Street Watch scheme.

Caddington is a village and civil parish in the Central Bedfordshire district of Bedfordshire. It is between the Luton/Dunstable urban area, and Hertfordshire. The western border of the parish is Watling Street, to the west of which is Kensworth.The village of Caddington was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 under the name of ‘Cadendone’. Originally the village was part in Hertfordshire and part in Bedfordshire but in 1897 it was transferred wholly to Bedfordshire.

Here’s a little bit more you should know about Caddington:

•Caddington used to have a thriving brick industry. The ‘Caddington Blue’ was a well-known engineering brick

•The Caddington All Saints Church facing the green dates back to the 11th/12th century

•The Priory of Markyate was built in 1145 but was disestablished in 1537. In the 16th century, the Markyate Cell Manor House was built in its place. It was known for being the home of Lady Katherine Ferrers – a 17th Century highwaywoman who operated in Hertfordshire and was eventually shot dead

•Caddington has seen much residential development. There are shops, schools, pubs and a public hall

What is going on in the parish?

Take a look at the latest news, events, neighbourhood plans and a lot more on the Caddington parish council website.

Date for the diary…***Caddington invites you to see their Christmas lights being switched on December 2nd at 5.30pm on the village green. Refreshments will be available.*** Villager of the year!

Caddington offers the community a chance to nominate a villager and organisation of the year. Do you want to nominate someone?Caddington care…Care in the community is really important in the village and you can find out more at Caddington care.

Neighbourhood, speed and street watch in Caddington…

Like some towns and villages, Caddington has an active neighbourhood watch scheme which includes speed watch and street watch.

Do what you can to help make sure the good outweighs the bad in Caddington.


It was great to see a post on Facebook from a new Dunstable resident who ‘loves it’.

That’s what Dunstable needs, good people – to love it. We know Dunstable has its challenges and some people aren’t happy with the changes being made around the town centre but it is still ‘home’ to 38,000+ people.

Dunstable is a market town and civil parish located in Bedfordshire. It lies on the eastward tail spurs of the Chiltern Hills, 30 miles north of London.

These geographical features form several steep chalk escarpments most noticeable when approaching Dunstable from the north.

Dunstable began as a settlement on a Roman road and in 571 the area was occupied by the Saxons.The area at that time was known as Durocobrivis.

Here’s a little bit more you should know about Dunstable:

•In 1123, a royal residence was built at what is now called the Old Palace Lodge Hotel on Church Street

•The Dunstable Priory was founded in 1132

•The Sugar Loaf inn is one of the oldest remaining pubs in the town dated back to 1660, one of the stopping places for stagecoaches

•The railway came through Dunstable in 1848 and that was when there was a boom in population

•Whipsnade Zoo opened in 1931

•The car manufacturers Vauxhall came to Dunstable in 1954

•The Magistrates Court was built in 1963

•The Quadrant was built in 1966

•The recreation centre was built in 1975

Dunstable Town Council was established in 1985. Since its creation, the Council has developed into one of the largest town councils in the country.  The Council is completely independent of Central Bedfordshire Council and is responsible for delivering a range of quality of life services and community activities that include Bennetts Splash Park, Events, Dunstable Cemetery, Priory House, Creasey Park Community Football Centre and a host of other services such as the Town Ranger scheme and young and old people services.

Date for the diary…

***Dunstable invites you to enjoy their Christmas Carol torchlight procession on the 7th December at 7pm starting at Ashton Square. There will a lot of festive activities.***

Dunstable helping the younger generation…

Located in the centre of Dunstable, Grove Corner is a dedicated Young People’s Centre. There is a computer suite with six internet accessible computers, free WiFi, a kitchen area with refreshment making facilities, tables, chairs, pool table, table football, sofas, who could want for more!

Dunstable supporting the older generation…The purpose of the Older People’s Support Service for the over 75’s, is to help alleviate isolation amongst older people by enhancing their skills, confidence and practical abilities to help maintain independent living. A two-course meal and the opportunity to participate in a range of activities are included in the cost of the session.The sessions known as the Good Companions Club run from 10 am to 2 pm and are available on a Monday at Beecroft Community Centre, Westfield Road, Dunstable.

Activities For Over 55s…

•Creasey Park Over 55’s Lunch Club

•U3A is a self-help, self-funded educational and social organisation

•Go Bowling

•The Friendly Club (over 75s). Salvation Army Hall

•St Fremund’s Church – Music & Movement

•Carpet bowls – twice weekly. Soup and sandwiches•Walking Football – walking football is a new exciting version of football

•Dunstable Town Bowling Club

**The above-mentioned clubs are listed on the – there may be changes to venues and times**

Do what you can to help make sure the good outweighs the bad in Dunstable.

We know first hand what it is like to have to deal with criminal activity in your home or on your business premises. We’ve seen the destruction and damage and had to fix a lot of it. In doing our job, we meet different people from different areas of Bedfordshire.

There are good people in Houghton Regis, Caddington and Dunstable. There are nice, safe areas to bring up your family.

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