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Every second counts…

We have been busy visiting homes at Luton in Bedfordshire over the last few weeks. The rise in crime continues but so does homeowner’s awareness. It’s great to see people sharing posts on social media revealing culprits who are going on people’s properties and to their front doors only to be captured by CCTV or other cameras that people are now installing around their front doors.

Keep it up because every second counts when it comes to protecting your home from intruders.

Don’t forget the backdoors, they do get neglected and in a large percentage of cases, a burglar enters through the backdoor.

We have shown you an intruder breaking into a home and how quickly they can destroy a lock barrel and enter a property. Of course there are ultra efficient cylinder locks on the market such as the Ultion that can prevent that happening. Beyond that, there is more you can do…

Imagine, the intruder has broken your lock barrel and thinks he has achieved his goal when he is faced with another security feature that will slow him down (or her).

Door jammers!!!

You can see in the image that they are simple but very effective preventers that can easily be installed. Making it even more difficult for an intruder to push the door open. Yes, it may not stop them, however, it will slow them down. Even if it’s a matter of 30 seconds, every second counts – in that 30 seconds he may get scared off by a passer by.

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