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Know your boundaries – Luton

We’ve had to attend some homes that have been burgled this week.

Each time we get called to a property we take a moment to see what could have been done to prevent the unfortunate event from happening.

From our knowledge and experience we have produced this list.Take 15 minutes out of your day to make these all important checks around your property:

This is how you can protect what is yours.

Starting with your property boundaries:

  • Look for damage and gaps in fences and hedges – take action!

  • Spiky plants are a good deterrent – get planting!

  • A low boundary at the front of your property ensures good visibility from passers-by and your neighbours – don’t forget to tell your neighbours if you go away

  • Your boundary at the back of your property should be quite high – take a look, see how easy it would be for someone to climb over

  • You can increase security by putting something on your fence panels – check to make sure whatever you use is legal

  • Adding a trellis panel will increase height and make it less sturdy for burglars to climb a fence – you could also grow a rambling rose up it

  • Are side entrances secure? Replace anything that is broken and use padlocks and bolts.

  • Good lighting is essential to deter a burglar – take a look at sensor lighting and other alternatives

  • Solar lighting can also light up isolated areas – there are some great solar lights out there to choose from now

Look around at other properties and see what security measures that they have taken

Come back and visit our blog again, we will be sharing lots of updates and expert advice. Do you have any questions?


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