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Say thank you to your local police

We often hear and read about how the general public feel disappointed with regards to the policing in their area.

There are other times when police actions are admired and people are grateful for their service and support.

If you have had a positive experience please let your local police know so they can pass on your thanks to the officers and staff involved.

We are all to keen to make a complaint about things in life but we should all make time to compliment or congratulate people that deserve it if they have done their job well.

The Bedfordshire police have a page on their website where you can submit a compliment.

We would like your input now…

  • Have you experienced a burglary or car break in and had good support from the police that attended the incident?

  • What did they do when they turned up at your door?

  • What questions did they ask?

  • What did they tell you that you should do to prevent a burglary happen again?

Please message us with your comments and specify if it’s ok to use your name when we tell our customers what happens when a burglary occurs.


The point of this article is to thank when thanks are due and to learn from each other’s experience.

Thank you,



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