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UPVC door repairs


We always take things for granted – our washing machines, our cars and our doors. All of which are pretty much essential in our day to day living (unless you don’t drive of course – then you have to rely on public transport).

We get a lot of call outs for door repairs, for things such as:







All those annoying things that prevent you from making your home completely safe and secure.

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Q&As about doors…

Do you have a broken door handle or hinges?

The only way to fix this issue is with a replacement unless it’s an obvious problem such as screws missing in the hinge causing misalignment of the door.

When revealed to the elements, metal and other parts of a door are prone to rusting and challenges. Plastic tends to get brittle and snap.

Hinges just wear out sometimes – we all do eventually!

Is there a draft in the room?

If realigning the door doesn’t fix the issue then we normally replace seals around the doors and that normally does the job.

Is your white UPVC getting discoloured?

There are plenty of products on the market specifically for that problem, so, look online and read reviews to get an effective fix.

Is your door creaking?

The door hinges could just need a spray of lubricant.

A lot of problems with doors come from temperature change and having your door slightly realigned twice a year can help. When temperatures start to heat up and when temperatures start to go down.

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